Free Trade Warehousing Zone

A fully owned and operationalized facility providing limited customs checks and external authority interventions.

What We Offer

The FTWZ is a strategic inventory management platform that allows our consumers to save time & costs to gain competitive advantage

With unprecedented tax exemptions with adjustments to demand & supply gaps with vendor managed inventories, our customers can save both on costs and time. Simplified export procedures, single window clearances and several additional benefits on offer.

The Kerry INDEV Haulage Advantage

  • Tax concessions similar to Bonded, EOU or SEZ goods
  • Open/demarcated area for bulk storage of goods
  • Single window clearance for goods that need regulatory approval
  • Expert handling of all goods & cargo

The FTWZ Facility

Location & Accessibility

Near Chennai in Sriperumbudur, Tamil Nadu. Located along main freight and industrial axis of the National Highway 4.

Proximity to International Gateways

32 kms to Chennai Airport, 38 kms to Chennai Seaport, 319 kms to Bangalore Airport and 646 kms to Hyderabad Airport.

Customs Clearance

The FTWZ offers in-house customs clearance for all industry sectors which saves time and precious time for suppliers.

Expansive Storage Area

With 26,000 + 200,000 sq ft warehousing area (both open & closed) it is a vast and expansive storage facility.

Value Added Services within FTWZ

Kerry INDEV offers a gamut of value added services in the Free Trade Warehousing Zone that are specifically designed to cater to the needs of each industry vertical. These include

  • Customs declaration and management
  • Rail, road and air transport
  • Warehouse management system
  • Purchase order management
  • Temperature controlled chambers
  • Reverse logistics, repairs & refurbishing
  • Quality control
  • Assembly of CKD and SKD kits
  • Barcoding, labelling, re-labelling
  • Cutting, blending and polishing

A Seamless & Hassle Free Movement of Goods

With the Free Trade Warehousing Zone, goods can now reach India and are directly moved to the FTZ in Chennai and the deliveries to customers made directly from the FTZ. With expedited customs clearance you save time & money and accrue improved cash flows due to deferred duties.

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