Chairman’s Message

We over the past 3 decades, have kept redefining the existing things in a modern way. We maintain a single point of agenda for rendering services.I believe, by working together in an environment of trust and support, we would be able to achieve more success and fame in the years to come.

A core part of our long term strategy is the desire to work with world class partners across the group and as part of this, in 2016 we signed a landmark deal with the KERRY LOGISTICS, HONGKONG led to the creation of the “KERRY INDEV LOGISTICS,INDA”. Since, we combined our regional experiences with the KERRY GROUP’s industry knowledge to build a broad based and sustainable relationship to enhance better businesses across the globe.

We are proud of our past and passionate about our future and keep continuing the way we work. We are blessed with capable, caring professionals who go the extra mile to fulfill our corporate mission and meet their high personal standards.We are sharpening our strategy to be one of the world’s most valuable, most innovative and most admired companies.


Message To Customers

Kerry Indev Chairman Xavier Britto lauded the contribution of the company’s longstanding customers in the success of the organization. Every since the inception of the company, customers have played a key role in the growth and expansion that Kerry Indev has seen. And at the same time, he added that the company has also placed customer satisfaction and on-time delivery as its foremost objectives which has enabled it to earn the trust and patronage of customers – both in India and aboard. Mr. Britto also outlined several initiatives that are currently underway – both in the organization and as acquisitions to further improve last-mile connectivity, on-time performance and promote overall customer satisfaction. As Kerry Indev looks forward to embarking on an exciting new phase of its organizational growth, customers continue to remain the top most priority while improving delivery-times, performance metrics will remain the most pivotal endeavors for the organization, he said.

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